The National Agency for Employment recruits planner operations for a company specialized in port handling.

Position summary

Maintain ownership of the vessels under your control and act as focal point during vessel calls. Ensure efficient and highly productive
planning with due consideration to the vessel stability and safety under load, discharge and sea condition on departure. Take
responsibility for providing the relevant information about crane sequence, vessel’s discharge and load to the vessel, submit shift
requirement on timely fashion, and to the vessels agent which has to be absolute and error free.

Critical qualifications/ skills and abilities required in position:

Necessary to perform the requirements of the position:


Qualifications : Education Level; Bachelor’s Degree

Language skills : English reading, writing, and listening: excellent

Computer skills: proficient with Microsoft products        

Expérience:   Preferable whom with previous experience in the shipping filed        

Approach to work:  Works well without close supervision with lots of independency. Adapts to changing priorities or unexpected
situations. Takes ownership for work. Meet daily challenges with a positive and open mind. Strive to improve deadlines. Ability to work
in a shift system covering day, night, weekend and holiday duty  15%

Organizational focus:  Responds to manager’s priorities and keeps manager informed of such.
Strong reporting ability. Adhere company policy, internal information and maintains confidentiality  15%

Communication: Strong reporting capabilities. Keeps relevant people informed, shares knowledge, ideas and information openly 15%.

within the organization

Cost focused:
Demonstrates cost consciousness. Strives to improve cost position for the society  10%

Drive/ Energy:  Generates high volumes of relevant work; able to sustain high levels of activity and energy over long hours when
necessary. Work with business-like approach to daily challenges. Makes a difference every day at work “No detail too small, no effort
too great”   15%

Technical/ functional:  Demonstrates knowledge of technical/functional aspects of work; provides assistance to others; in- depth
knowledge of container vessel stowage and stability criteria, good reporting and registration capability. Ability to use computerized
vessel and yard operation systems (TOS)  10%

Problem solving:   Anticipates problems; finds solutions; in advance, recognizes the key issues in problems and creates contingency
plans and alternative solutions exhibits sound judgment  10%

Creativity:  Creates and communicates new insight and ideas. Thinks out of the box  10%

Critical Success Factors:

1. Preparation and execution of vessel discharge and load sequence to support high productivity per quay crane operation, whilst
ensuring that all the times the highest productivity to be achieved and sustained;
2.Due to the rapid expected growth of the society, has to make sure to educate, train and develop the new planners and make sure to
transfer knowledge, skills and experience. Understand the necessity of team work;
3. Compliance with the shift system and understand the criticality of execution and planning merge as well as other the society

Major Accountabilities:

N°  Priority

1.Prepare, execute, and monitor working cranes program/ sequence. And execute the vessel discharge and load plans.        10%
2.Shift documents has to be neat and error free   10%;
3.Manage and control the execution of the vessel operations   10%;
4.Ensuring that the vessel file is closed within two hours after he completion of vessel operations  10%;
5.Focusing on optimal equipment deployment and utilization    10%;
6.Filing and housekeeping of planning related papers in accordance with standard operating procedures (SOP’S). Also ensure that all
vessels receive paper work in a timely manner   5%;
7.Meet vessel on arrival and provide all loading documents, and quay crane working sequence. Maintain that all vessels receive final
departure paper work in a timely manner   10%;
8.Understanding of vessel stability and safety under discharge and load criteria and whether intended discharge and load plan meets
those criteria’s    10%;
9.Understanding of international maritime organization IMO code for segregation hazardous on board the vessels    5%;
10.Effective interpersonal communications skills and ability to develop a climate of collaboration and teamwork within all levels of the
society operational workforce, management and customer representatives    5%;
11.Effective planning, organizing, motivating, self and time management skills   5%;
12.Undertake other duties within capabilities as directed by the society management   5%;
13.Maintaining good relations with both internal and external customers with full understanding to their needs and requirements.       

Application files

Applications must include:

-A letter of motivation, addressed to the Director General of the ANPE;
-Detailed curriculum vitae with copies of diplomas and certificates;
-A copy of the jobseeker's card.

Recruitment methods

-Professional interview.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for the professionalinterview.

Places and deadline for filing applications

Applications must be submitted to the following locations:

-ANPE headquarters in Nyékonakpoè opposite the fire station;
-At points of service of: TokoinDoumasséssé community center (Adéwui ground next to the market 22 21 78 56), UL campus (on the
pedagogical block floor (CFC) 22 25 45 48), Adakpamé (not far from the constabulary(gendarmerie) of Zorro bar in the community center
of Bè Adakpamé 22 27 98 97), Baguida (Baguida Community Center, not far from the constabulary (gendarmerie) of Baguida 22 27 98 96).
-The files can also be filed the following email

Period of rigor: January 15, 2018 at 17:00 GMT