We are an investment promotion and human resources intermediation firm registered in Togo.

We provide assistance and services to foreign companies interested or not in doing business in Togo.

Our activities mainly cover Togo, but we are highly interested in what is going on in West Africa, chiefly within the West African Economic
and Monetary Union.

Our great ambition is to promote and facilitate trade and business between Togo and the others countries.

We are bilingual with good commands over the English and French languages.

Kindly discover our services.

For further information, kindly contact us at:

481, rue des cocotiers - Hanoukopé.
BP : 12311 LOME – TOGO
Tel : (228) 22 20 30 89
Fax : (228) 22 20 00 30
Cel : (228) 90 08 51 06
E-mail :